On-Demand Webinar: Essential Strategies For Rail Car Fall Prevention

For Safer Loading And Unloading

Are your workers exposed to fall hazards when accessing the tops of rail cars? Do your gangways line up correctly with crashbox openings and provide a safe working area?

Discover rail car fall prevention strategies for safer loading and unloading.Enter your information in the form fields to watch our free webinar, Rail Car Fall Prevention: Strategies For Safer Loading And Unloading. Led by Ray Hagemann (Corporate Accounts at Carbis Solutions), the webinar offers practical strategies and industry-insider tips for safe loading and unloading at rail sites.

You’ll learn about:

  • Assessing your site’s unique fall prevention needs
  • The purpose behind rail car crash boxes and design variations
  • Why offset crash boxes present unique challenges
  • Options for resolving crash box safety issues
  • Why standard fall prevention solutions often create hazards for workers