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A Mobile Transloader from Carbis Fluid Handling Lets You Work Safely Pretty Much Anywhere

The Carbis Team | Fluid Handling | May 13, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Usually transloading terminals are permanent structures but what if your company doesn’t have the budget for a stationary terminal? What if you want to be mobile and have the versatility to go to different job sites?

Carbis Fluid Handling has the answer. A custom designed transloader mounted on a trailer makes it easy to move and position the equipment, which saves your business time and money. Optional features that can be beneficial are: a meter for precise tracking of your product plus pumps, valves, grounding equipment and more. These portable units are small enough to store inside when performing maintenance. Towing the trailer with terminal is no problem. Having a mobile transloader allows your company and workers to be more versatile while maintaining precision and safety during the transloading process.

Add additional pieces of equipment to help meet required safety mandates and create a safer, more efficient workplace.

Access Stairway and Platform

An access stairway is an excellent safety feature since operators need to access the top of tank trucks and rail cars for loading, unloading, and venting. OSHA mandated handrails, midrails, and toe boards with a section that can be flipped up when the transloader is in operation and down when it is ready to be moved add even more safety. All walking surfaces are open serrated with raised diamond shaped ridges for water drainage.

Access Gangways

Access gangways are articulated for strength and adjustable springs allow for easy storage and deployment. Once the gangway is lowered to the correct position, adjustable chain stops hold it in place so the operator can walk on it safely and the gangway will not move.

Safety Cages

Safety cages are mounted to the outboard handrail of the gangway. Tank trucks do not usually have safety equipment around the hatches so a safety cage is needed to meet OSHA standards. Rail cars usually have a crash box around their hatch but most are too low to meet the OSHA standard or provide the correct amount of fall prevention for an operator. To remedy this type of situation we add a 12″ deep handrail to the gangway’s outboard handrail raising the height to 45″.


Integration of all parts is essential to working most efficiently. By adding a pumping and metering skid to the access equipment, fall prevention, and loading arms or hoses, your company now has a complete system. Purchasing a system from Carbis Fluid Handling gives you an advantage that no other company can offer. We are the only company in the country that manufactures top of the line access and fall prevention equipment, our own loading arms, and pumping and metering systems all under the same roof. This makes our systems fully integrated and guaranteed to work. Think of the benefits. No middleman to deal with plus all parts work together to maximize user ability while minimizing user exposure. That is exactly the point of fall prevention equipment.

Emergency Controls

Be prepared for emergencies with an emergency stop button on the control panel. And to be doubly safe, get a second e-stop on the other side of the system or on top of the access platform.

Minimal Installation Time

Each transloading system from Carbis Fluid Handling arrives pre-wired and piped up ready for use. Tighten anything that may have loosened during shipment and you’re good to go. Just plug in the system’s power cord and your operators are ready to transload safely and efficiently.

Contact Carbis Fluid Handling today to find out how a fully integrated mobile transloading system can help improve your business – 1.800.823.0163 in the US and (+1) 843.656.1318 Internationally.

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