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Barge and Stage Gangways - Providing Safer Marine Access

The Carbis Team | May 30, 2012 8:05:00 AM

If your company's office is a ship there are special considerations when it comes to the safety of your employees. It doesn't matter if you work on bulk carriers, access tankers, barges or other multi-purpose vessels your workers need to get their jobs done safely and efficiently using equipment that's up-to-date.

Since your office floats on a bed of water there are a few more hazards than a regular office. A fall several stories into the water below could be deadly. Also, you’re dealing with some pretty heavy product, so added safety measures are necessary when accessing the ship and during loading/offloading procedures. The ideal equipment for your ship will be designed and manufactured to provide the safest access possible while being able to meet your company’s specific needs. Also barge access systems usually require custom fitting to docks while avoiding any existing obstructions. If current access to your ship is inadequate or outdated, it’s up to you as the employer to make sure it meets or exceeds current standards. Carbis engineers are well aware of the necessary equipment needed to provide safe access and egress. They can even design custom gangways.

Barge Gangways are constructed using marine grade aluminum because it is resistant to weather and corrosion. Aluminum is highly durable yet lightweight making it perfect for different types of equipment. Barge gangways provide sure footing while also being able to adjust to variations in tide and barge equipment. They can be operated using a crane, hydraulic or pneumatic drives, or a winch.

There are three mounting options for barge gangways that will depend on the type of ship, dock and access your workers need:

• Float mode allows the barge to drift under the gangway when the water level changes.

• Pivot mounting has a fixed position that limits reach but permits access to several points on the barge.

• Track mounting allows workers to roll the gangway along a track up and down the dock for access to one or more barges.

A Stage Gangway gives workers access from point A to point B while working on the dock. The benefits of a stage gangway are its portability and flexibility. It can be carried on board and easily set up at the next port of call and the stage gangway is flexible enough to accommodate tide variations and a ship’s deck elevations with or without product.

Stage gangways come in various shapes and sizes to suit different job needs. For example, rigid handrails are great when workers need sturdy access over longer distances or while they’re carrying a load. If easy portability is what’s needed then rope handrails will help keep the overall weight of the gangway to a minimum. Curved tread models provide access to a wide variety of working angles for fall protection. You can even get rollers on the dock side of the gangway so it can conform to the ship’s movement.

Different ships have different needs and nobody knows that better than Carbis, which is why we provide solutions that address each company’s specific needs. We specialize in creating marine access equipment that’s built for safety and efficiency. Contact us today and see how we can help your business be more productive.

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