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Chemical Blending, Mixing, and Transfer Skids Custom Designed for Superior Job Performance and Safety

The Carbis Team | Fluid Handling | Jun 11, 2013 8:05:00 AM

Skid mounted equipment works well for blending, mixing and transferring toxic chemicals. That’s because everything is contained in one place, all parts are easily accessible, and most importantly, your operators are safe from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Since chemical blending and mixing skids allow operators to work safely around hazardous chemicals, there is less risk of injury and downtime caused by contact with the chemicals.

Any of these skids can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs with all the proper controls and accessories to do the job. When blending, mixing, and transferring chemicals, it is equally important for the job to be done both safely and accurately. Automatic flow-rate measurements can ensure accuracy and therefore less waste of product.

Skids should be engineered so they need less maintenance and service over their lifetime. Also the skids should meet all industry requirements, and be thoroughly tested and calibrated before shipping. Having all parts are delivered at one time means there’s less chance for lost pieces or any extra downtime for your operators.

Some points your company needs to address before skid design begins are:

  • What type of chemicals will the system be mixing? This will ensure compatibility.
  • What type of metering or mixing pump do you need?
  • Will any chemicals be injected?

When choosing a company to construct your skid-mounted system, the first thing the company should do is ensure they understand exactly what your needs are. The company should have years of proven experience and be able to give you turnkey service. This means all design, fabrication, production and testing are done at that company’s site so by the time your company receives it, the skid and its mounted equipment are ready to be set-up and start working right away.

Chemical Transfer Systems

If you are in the business of transloading chemicals, systems can be constructed for different applications to meet your company’s needs, too. Maybe you need one pump or maybe you need several mounted on a base. No problem! Only the highest quality materials should be used. These are potentially dangerous chemicals we’re talking about here. You don’t want any leaks or spills.

Welded connections reduce the possibility of leaks while flexible stainless steel hoses and bellows reduce vibration, increasing your system’s longevity.

Chemical transfer systems are sometimes called chemical transloading systems. They can work well for several applications including: cooling, heating, filtration, metering, transfer, and pressure regulation.

Some of the processes that these systems can handle are:

  • Pulp and paper industry dyes
  • 30% – 70% concentrations of peroxide
  • Boiler feed-water and water treatment chemicals
  • Urea and ammonia

If your company works with toxic chemicals whether mixing, blending or transferring, Carbis Fluid Handling can make life easier for your operators. Our chemical blending, mixing and transfer skids are automated and assembled prior to arrival. This lessens your employees’ downtime and increases throughput. Since Carbis Fluid Handling is not affiliated with any specific brands, we can choose the equipment and systems that are right for your business. Our services are all-inclusive and the final product will meet or exceed current industry regulations. Design, manufacturing, and support functions all happen in-house. Give Carbis Fluid Handling a call today and let’s discuss how we can help streamline your chemical mixing needs.

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