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Custom Chemical Blending and Mixing Skids Increase Company Throughput

The Carbis Team | Fluid Handling, Chemical Transfer, Skid Systems | Jun 14, 2024 11:09:00 AM

Chemical Blending and Mixing Skids allow your company’s operators to work safely around hazardous chemicals. Because all the machinery is contained on one skid with pipes working to blend and mix, workers are not exposed to toxins or other chemical hazards.


Blending and mixing skids can be custom designed and constructed to meet a company’s unique needs and will include all the controls and accessories necessary to do the job. When blending and mixing chemicals, it is of the utmost importance to be accurate as well as safe. Automatic flow-rate measurements will ensure accuracy and make an operator’s job easier. These skids are engineered to need less maintenance and service, creating a longer, trouble-free life.

Blending and mixing skids must meet all industry requirements and be thoroughly tested and calibrated before being shipped. One delivery of all equipment helps avoid lost components and there’s much less down time for workers.

Some points to address before skid design begins are:

  • What type of chemicals will the system be mixing? (for compatibility)
  • Will chemicals need to be injected?
  • What type of metering or mixing pump is needed?

When choosing a company to construct your new skid-mounted system, the first thing they should do is ensure they understand what your needs are. Ideally, the company will have many years of proven experience and be able to provide you with turnkey service, meaning all the design, fabrication, production and thorough testing are done at their site.

Chemical Transfer Systems are used for many different applications so they can be constructed to meet your company’s specific needs. Your business might require one pump or several mounted on a base. Only high-quality materials should be used. You don’t want to skimp when dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals! Welded connections reduce the possibility of leakage, while flexible stainless steel hoses and bellows reduce vibration, thereby increasing the system’s longevity.

Chemical Transfer Systems, also called Chemical Transloading systems, work well for many applications, including: filtration, metering, transfer, cooling, heating, and pressure regulation.

Systems can be used for a variety of processes, including:

  • Boiler feed-water and water treatment chemicals
  • 30% – 70% concentrations of Peroxide
  • Pulp and paper industry dyes
  • Urea and ammonia

Sam Carbis Solutions Group makes life easier for your operators because our chemical mixing skids are automated and assembled prior to arrival, so they’re up and running with minimal downtime. Since we aren’t affiliated with any specific brands, we choose the equipment and systems that are right for your business. Our services are all-inclusive and meet current industry regulations. Design, manufacturing, and support functions all occur in-house.

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