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Is Your Loading Platform Doing the Job?

The Carbis Team | Jun 17, 2024 9:58:55 AM

Loading Platform Safety Assessments

Loading racks are a key component of a comprehensive worksite safety program. A loading platform safety system—with gangways, safety cages, and loading platforms designed to meet the specific needs of your environment and access requirements—not only keeps workers safer, but keeps operations running smoothly and on time.Loading Rack Safety

No matter what the material is being loaded or unloaded, workers should be protected and thoroughly instructed on safe-handling procedures. Protecting against falls with the right loading rack system can help prevent costly injuries and OSHA fines.

How effective is your loading rack? While they don’t have an expiration date, considerations include:

  • The age of the loading platform system
  • Changes in loading patterns or access requirements
  • Worker awareness of what the original equipment was designed to do

Loading Rack Safety Assessments offer in-depth analysis and insight into whether your equipment is still doing the job you need it to do. Our team identifies potential hazards that can result in costly, life-threatening incidents and provides recommendations for making the workplace safer. We can help you ensure:

  • Safety procedures are up to date
  • Equipment is properly maintained
  • Workers are trained on the latest safety procedures

Changing processes, new vehicles or product lines, or transition to ISO containers can significantly impact worker safety. Our fall protection specialists can assess a specific loading area or your entire operation and create a plan to help maximize operational efficiency, worker safety, and throughput. Contact us now to schedule a loading rack safety assessment.

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