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Pipe Racks Offer Heavy-Duty Stability

The Carbis Team | Mar 2, 2012 8:05:00 AM

Pipe racks are made to bear the load of the heavy industrial pipes they support. Because they do hold such incredibly large loads of weight, there need to be special considerations taken when building and using pipe racks.

A pipe rack is often constructed using non-corrosive material due to its outdoor environment. It can also be painted with powder coat to keep it from corroding. Pipe rack sizes will vary according to the pipe sizes needed for the job. The most important factor for a pipe rack construction is that the site chosen must be solid and capable of supporting the extremely heavy weight of the racks. There are different state and local requirements and codes that govern the construction of pipe racks so make sure your supplier is familiar with these.

There are a couple types of pipe racks:

• T-Support racks can have a single or double level design and standard cross arms. 

• Bent racks may have single, double or triple level designs to allow for flexibility and future expandability. Base plate mounting makes installation easy.

Carbis engineers can design a pipe rack to fit your company’s unique needs and also ensure that the rack meets all codes and requirements for OSHA, state and your local area.


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