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Skid Mounted Systems for Metering and Feeding Chemicals

The Carbis Team | Fluid Handling | Oct 4, 2012 8:04:00 AM

If you own a company that deals with chemicals there’s always some risk involved when feeding and metering. You definitely don’t want any leaks or spills. That’s why you need the proper equipment to handle these chemicals safely, correctly and accurately in every situation.

Skid-Mounted Metering Systems have numerous benefits. They’re extremely accurate which is important when you’re transloading liquids because you’ll be able to ensure that your customers receive the correct amount of product. These systems are also corrosion-resistant, self-contained, and arrive ready to install with all parts easily accessible for maintenance. Another huge benefit is that skid-mounted systems can be custom engineered to meet your unique needs including blending, metering, injection, mixing, or treatment of liquids or chemicals. Skid-mounted systems can also work with diaphragm and progressive cavity pumping systems.

Metering Pumps can be used in various applications that require high system pressure, low system flow rates, and systems that need high flow accuracy. Positive displacement is used to pump the liquid while flow rates can be adjusted either manually or automatically. Metering pumps are useful with a wide range of chemicals and create a more precise and consistent flow for improved throughput and accuracy for your operators.

All skid-mounted systems should be rigorously tested before shipping to ensure each one performs properly and is ready to install as soon as it arrives. This means less down time for your workers. Each pumping skid must meet chemical compatibility requirements, too. Chemical metering skid applications can include mixing systems, sampling systems and additive metering systems.

Skid-Mounted Chemical Feed Systems should possess stringent quality controls to help ensure your company’s investment is justified. These feed systems with their high-quality components can improve throughput and give your operators precise chemical control. A chemical feed system begins with the proper design for the job and ends with the delivery of a pre-assembled system that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Your company can easily justify the investment in a chemical feed system when you compare it to the cost of the following problems that can be created by substandard equipment:

  • Corrosion
  • Inconsistent product quality
  • Reduced throughput
  • Substandard chemical control
  • Increased costs due to overfeed problems
  • Risk of damage to people and equipment

At Carbis Fluid Handling our versatility and knowledge ensure your company will receive a skid-mounted system that has been designed and built to meet your specific needs. Since we’re not affiliated with any particular brands, we choose the equipment and systems that best suit your company’s business needs. We provide turnkey service; meaning everything from design and manufacturing to support functions all occur in-house. Contact Carbis Fluid Handling today and let’s discuss ideas on how to improve your company’s chemical handling needs.

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