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What's So Great About Gangways?

The Carbis Team | Jan 10, 2014 8:03:00 AM

In their most basic form, gangways are about getting from one place to another when there is no bridge or other permanent access. Gangways are most often used with ships and barges (Barge Gangways) to get people and product safely from a dock to a ship and vice versa. Sam Carbis Solutions Group manufactures gangways for all types of uses. Our specialty is custom designed gangways manufactured to fulfill our customers’ diverse needs.

Bow Truss
When working on a ship it’s handy having a gangway that’s easy enough to carry on board so you can use it at the next port. If you need flexibility due to the change in tides and the changes in the ship’s weight depending on the amount of product on board, a bow truss gangway gives your company a non-permanent and safe way to access the dock. The bowed construction adds strength and can accommodate a maximum load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Marine grade aluminum alloy provides strength yet remains lightweight for easy carry. A bow truss gangway can also withstand changes in temperature, weather and the corrosive abilities of salt water. A width of two feet and a non-slip surface provide traction and enough space for workers to move safely and easily from ship to dock and back again.

Stage gangways have handrails, which help add safety for people carrying a heavy or bulky item. This type of gangway is also non-permanent and can be easily stowed on board for use at the next port. Even though they are strong and sturdy, because of the aluminum construction these gangways are also light enough for one or two people to maneuver.

Stage gangways come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a number of different needs. For less weight and easier portability, replace the steel handrails with rope handrails. Curved tread models provide access to different working angles by adding fall protection abilities. Also Sam Carbis Solutions Group can manufacture the gangway with rollers on the dock side so it will conform effortlessly to the ship’s movement and the changing tide levels. Optional slip resistant coating can be added for extra safety and improved traction on the already perforated surface.

Straight Truss
Straight truss gangways are another example of portable safety equipment for marine workers. Like our other examples of non-permanent dock access, these gangways are rugged enough to handle a distributed load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Marine grade aluminum alloy is strong, lightweight and weather resistant. The aluminum deck plate has angled cleats for added traction in all weather as well as a slip-resistant coating that adds another layer of fall (or trip) prevention. It’s possible to gets wheels on the dock side of the gangway so it can adjust itself automatically to the ship’s float.

Gangways are a great help for moving people and product safely from point A to point B. Sam Carbis Solutions Group is highly adept at understanding your company’s needs and fabricating a gangway in a style that is ideal for your workers’ job needs. Give us a call today at 1.800.948.7750 and see how Sam Carbis Solutions Group can help with all your fall prevention needs.


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