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Aircraft Maintenance Safety

The Carbis Team | Jul 20, 2012 8:04:00 AM

Many of the blog posts on this site refer to tanker trucks and rail cars fall protection and access systems — but fall prevention is also essential for those who maintain aircraft. Today we talk about particular safety systems for airplanes and helicopters in both the commercial and military fields.

An access system loading platform allows your personnel to work on various areas of an aircraft safely and easily. The versatile and self-powered design works with any airframe and allows your maintenance crew to safely reach areas of the aircraft including: tail, wings, pylon, and rudder. Aircraft maintenance stands are adjustable to reach a variety of heights while the upper level work platforms can be configured to fit different airframes.

Using this military aircraft system can, in most instances, replace the need for several types of stands and ladders. These aircraft maintenance stands have an onboard engine that is self-propelled with “creep mode” for achieving close positioning to the aircraft. The steel platform has a scissors lift and integrated slip-resistant stairs with adjustable upper level platforms. Removable handrails allow workers to adjust the platforms for access to various airframe locations.

Helicopter maintenance platforms create safer access to all components than old A-frame ladders and unwieldy stands. The maintenance platform rolls right up to the helicopter for a tight fit so there are no gaps that might cause a fall. Slip resistant stairs and platform have handrails and guardrails for extra operator protection. Carbis can design and construct a helicopter maintenance platform to work with any model helicopter.

Some issues created by other ladders and platforms are that they can be bulky and difficult to maneuver. Most don’t provide fall prevention and may make the work more dangerous by not providing easy access to the helicopter. Carbis’ platforms are engineered specifically for helicopter access to help eliminate injuries to your maintenance personnel and the cost and downtime that goes along with that. Knowing they are safe at work allows technicians to focus on their job. Guardrails keep them from stepping off the platform by accident. Another plus is that these platforms are easy to use and store. They are on casters for easy movement and the structural supports add strength and durability.

Accessing grounded aircraft requires working at heights and as we know any height can create the potential for a debilitating, even deadly, fall. However, you can protect workers from falls by providing proper equipment. Aluminum all-purpose aviation ladders are AML (Aviation Maintenance Ladders) approved for use on aircrafts. These ladders are accessible from both sides and have a wide leg stance supported by stretchers for added stability. Casters and lightweight yet durable aluminum construction make it simple to move the ladder around the tarmac.

Features include:

• Aluminum alloy construction for maximum strength and minimum weight while also resisting corrosion.
• 4" deep slip-resistant steps.
• 1-1/2" wide aluminum angled feet with skid-resistant rubber treads to hold ladder in place.
• Meets and/or exceeds all applicable OSHA requirements.
• Can be customized for any aircraft.
• Optional Cast Durapad feet.
• Optional 1" square aluminum handrail and safety chain package available.

When it comes to the field of aviation, proper fall prevention is just as important as it is in construction, fluid handling and loading/offloading terminals. Carbis is a fall prevention leader. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your workers safe on the job.

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