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Marine Loading Arms for Safer Loading and Offloading

The Carbis Team | Jul 25, 2012 8:06:00 AM

Every job has its hazards — some more than others. If your work place is a ship whether bulk carrier, tanker, barge or multi-purpose vessel you still need to get your job done efficiently, correctly and safely just like any worker. However, your floating office lends itself to a few more hazards than the average worker.

Working everyday on a marine vessel places you several stories above deep water. A fall into the water from that height could be deadly. Add to that the heavy weight of the products you’re loading and unloading. If any of it should fall it could easily crush anyone or anything underneath. Make sure your company’s ships are up to date with the latest in marine fall prevention and safety equipment.

Marine Loading Arms
Loading arms can make loading/offloading product faster, safer and easier than hoses. Loading arms do not create the trip hazard that hoses do, they’re less apt to leak since they aren’t being dragged around on concrete and other rough surfaces and they’re not heavy or bulky like hoses.

A loading arm provides the strength and stability needed to get the job done, often transferring product at higher loading rates and pressures than hoses can. Another plus is that loading arms are counter balanced for easy use and lighter weight.

Once Marine Loading Arms are installed on your vessel, workers will notice some added benefits:

• More workspace on the dock.
• Fail safes to protect from massive spills that could create public and environmental fallout.
• An ergonomic design for decreased injuries and time missed.
• Hand controls and hydraulic power require less manpower.
• By decreasing downtime caused by leaks, trips, falls and injuries, you protect not only your employees but your bottom line as well.

At Carbis, we specialize in marine loading arms. We take care of the entire process – designing, engineering and manufacturing loading arms and other safety equipment to fit your company’s specific needs whether it’s a new dock facility or an existing dock that needs a retrofit. Carbis can do it all! Contact us today and we'll show you how.

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