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Loading Arm and Fall Protection Integration

The Carbis Team | Jan 27, 2012 8:07:00 AM

If your company decides to invest in one or more loading arms, be sure to address integration with your fall protection first. This way the company can avoid a lot of future headaches.

Loading arms can make a worker’s job safer and easier by eliminating the trip hazards, storage issues and weight of hoses. However, companies often neglect to figure out how a new loading arm will fit in with the company’s existing truck or rail car loading racks. Most of the time it’s fall prevention cages, platforms, handrails, and overhead structures like canopies, roofs, piping and valves that get in the way of the loading arm.

Integrating a loading arm into a loading rack facility can be fairly complex. The best way to avoid complications is to buy both the loading arm and fall protection from the same manufacturer. This way all parts come from one source and the seller makes sure all the pieces work together seamlessly before anything is delivered to your jobsite.

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