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Multi-Access Systems

The Carbis Team | Jan 26, 2012 8:09:00 AM

If your business needs a versatile piece of equipment that can be transformed to meet all sorts of safety and space requirements, a multi-access system may be just what you need. A platform, stairs and handrails can be mixed and matched to fit into myriad spaces with just the tightening of a few bolts.

Now it’s safer and easier to perform maintenance, inspections and other duties with a versatile multi-access system. The system has seven pieces that can be arranged into many configurations with easy assembly consisting of nothing more difficult than tightening a few bolts. Multiple configurations make hard-to-reach places accessible while giving workers safe access and stability. The lightweight construction and portable size make the system easy to transport to different locations, through most doorways, elevators and up stairwells. With seven pieces it’s simple to add or remove pieces to fit changing needs. OSHA compliant components include non-slip walking surfaces, top and mid-railings and stairs.

Ideal for use in many industries:

• Mobile Job Sites

• Chemical Plants

• Building or Machine Maintenance


• Military

When processes change or building expansions leave less room for access, a multi-access system definitely comes in handy because of its versatility, lightweight and durability.

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